Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer coldies, and sparklies

Lately rose champaign has really fit the bill.  Not a rose drinker in general, if at all, one has been incredibly satisfying but at around $15/btl I was interested in seeing if I could find a less expensive bottle that was satisfying.

First, the leader.  Gruet rose brut. Yes, from New Mexico. I would not have believed it but a friend of mine has a house there and on a visit tried a bottle on a patio while visiting Santa Fe during the Xmas Festival of Lights.  Perfect setting, and the bottle genuinely surprised me. True brut, not sweet, very pleasant mouth feel and wonderful taste.

And another more reasonable.  Good first taste but not as long lasting.
Good color, would be a good summer party wine at around $8. Very pleasant at about half the price.

To the contenders...a work in progress.

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