Monday, April 21, 2014

As many blogs no doubt suffer from, it's been ages ( almost literally) since updating.  Moving, life's events, house de- and re- construction, etc.

But here we go...good wine keeps coming.  New, or rather redone, house begs for partying and entertaining and a closet full to the brim of good and better wine.

So let's enjoy. While I plan for a Memorial Day party, with wine tasting of sorts to thin the closet a bit here are some really tasty items others might enjoy.
2012 Malbec tintonegro Uco valley
Yummy about sums it up. Perhaps more Shiraz like than what I would typically think of as Malbec but absolutely delicious right out of the screw top bottle.  Would be a terrific addition to a summertime outdoor concert, but equally delicious anytime.  This got a 91 from WS, and at $12.99 locally deserves every bit of that.  Drinkable for the next 3-5 years I went for 6 bottles.

A wonderful, immediately drinkable wine to enjoy with a grilled steak, or even a tasty pizza.

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